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MARINEX ITS creates relationships with our clients based on mutually beneficial cooperation therefore every client is also our Partner. We always first mindfully study our client’s business activity in order to create the most proactive approach for each one. Our experience and professionalism engages us to tailor our services for the needs of each client.

We’ll meet your expectations because we can guarantee:

  • fast response and flexible service;
  • salvage sale management;
  • reinstatement cost estimate;
  • thorough cargo quality evaluation;
  • support with settlement agreement;
  • regular updates;
  • excellent timing;
  • high quality reports in English/Russian;
  • preliminary report within first 24 hours;
  • compliance with customer expectations;
  • fast documentation procuring;
  • high reliability and equity.

Many years of our success in the Profession of Surveyor and Adjustor allowed us to create a set of our own methods, skills and fundamental principles which gives our experts an opportunity to unlock their potential to provide comfort, safety and sustainability to our clients.